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eber’s study tips

Coming up to exam time, your stress levels (and caffeine consumption) are probably going to be on the rise. 

While it might feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day, it’s important to be as efficient and productive as possible. Here are our top tips to help make your exams a little more manageable. 

Create a Study plan

Study plans and revision timetables are a great way to start. Going through your modules,
and understanding what work you need to cover will get you on the right track. By
creating a to do list you can keep track of everything that needs to be done. It’s also really satisfying when you get to check something off your list.

Organise your notes

Having neat, organised notes is important. It’s very hard to learn if your notes are a mess and you can’t find half of them. Having a separate copy for each subject is an easy way of keeping your notes together. If you prefer using loose sheets, then try to have a folder for each module – you can even use colour coded dividers to subdivide your work. 

Know the way you study best 

Everyone studies in different ways. Some people write notes, others like to say things out loud. Don’t just do what your friend does. Find what works for you and fine tune it. That way you’ll be most efficient timewise and you’ll know your stuff!

Avoid burn out

Take breaks and pace yourself to avoid burning out too early. If you over work yourself you’ll be exhausted by the time the exam rolls around, and your performance will be affected on the day. 

Exam time is always unpleasant. Try not to get too carried away with it, make sure you’re sleeping, eating and taking care of yourself. Best of luck!