Don’t worry! There’s a security guard in the office between 8pm and 11.30pm Monday to Friday.  Just pop down to Reception and we will give you a single use keycard.  Out of hours, please contact Security on Noonan Security on 01-883 9833, press option 2 and a security guard will arrange to meet you at the residence and give you access to your room.  Remember there’s a charge of €35 to call out security.

If its between 8am and 8pm Monday to Friday just pop down to Reception and we will create a new keycard for you, cost €20.  Out of hours please contact Security on Noonan Security on 01-883 9833 press option 2 and a security guard will arrange to meet you at the residence and give you access to your room. Remember there’s a charge of €35 to call out security.  You will then need to call into the office the following day for a new keycard.  

  • Slowly insert your keycard into the slot on the door lock, enter when the door flashes green. 
  • Please note that your door automatically locks behind you, you must carry your keycard with you at all times. 
  • Your keycard gives you access to your House, Apartment, Bedroom and Laundry Room. 

If the door is flashing red not green, it means the door lock needs new batteries.   Please contact Reception to change the batteries during office hours.  Out of hours, please contact Security on Noonan Security on 01-883 9833 press option 2 and a security guard will arrange to meet you at the residence.  There is no call out charge for door lock issues. 

You can contact Noonan Security on 01-883 9833 press option 2ID will be required.  Call out charges are €35 for lock outs and door access. For out of hours Maintenance issues there is no charge.

Parties are not allowed in the residence.  If another resident is having a party, please contact Security on Noonan Security on 01-883 9833, press option 2.  You will not be charged for reporting the disturbance, the resident/apartment involved will be charged. 

Please report it via our maintenance app on the resident portal and we will arrange to have the bulb replaced.  

There are a few factors to take into consideration.   

  1. Please check the hot water times as the water is not on 24/7.  The system is set to come on throughout the day. Heating and hot water is currently on pre-winter settings, hot water = 5am – 11am and 4pm – 10pm. Heating = 6.30am-8.30am and 4.30pm-9.30pm.  
  2. Run the water for a minute or two to allow it to reach your room from the cylinder in the hot press.   
  3. If you have checked the times and ran the water and you still don’t have hot water, please log the call via our maintenance app and we will arrange to have it looked at. 
  • Turn the control dial on the right to towards you to turn the shower on/off.    
  • The dial on the left controls the temperature, the shower temperatures are set to avoid the water getting too hot.   
  • If you would like hotter water, simply press the button on the right dial whilst turning the temperature dial.  

The heating is centrally controlled.  The winter and summer times change throughout the year depending on the weather conditions.  Radiators are fitted with a TRV (thermostatic radiator control), which allows you to adjust the heating in your own room.   To operate the TRV turn it to the required heat setting, 5 is the hottest. 

Any emergency maintenance issues must be reported immediately.  Outside office hours, please call Security on 01-883 9833 who will contact the out of hours maintenance company. 

 This year we have introduced an online system for you to conveniently report repairs on the student portal.

Our new system includes the following features to help you raise detailed reports online 24/7:
Ability to report maintenance issues via any device – phone, tablet, computer
Ability to attach photos of the problem to help us more accurately assess the work required
Provides you with confirmation and progress updates on the repair process
The submitted report is sent directly to out maintenance team, so there is no longer a need to phone or email reception.
Out of hours emergencies must always be reported directly to Noonans Security on 01-8339833 option 2
Reporting an Issue:
Select the ‘Report a repair’ icon on the Student Portal
Follow the easy step-by-step instructions by selecting the relevant icon for the issue you would like to report, it’s a simple click through process
Some sections have pop-ups with more information or guides, please ensure to read these fully before submitting
When completing your address please choose your apartment and room number from the drop down menu only, do not bypass this and enter your home address, it must be your address in the residence, otherwise the issue will not be recorded
Once you have submitted the issue, a copy will be sent to you by email as confirmation
We will respond and let you know when the issue will be resolved, please note this will be during office opening hours.


Devices will connect automatically when you enter the building.

WIFI Network is: Marino Student 

Please evacuate the building even if there is no evidence of a fire and wait for security or the on-site team to investigate before re-entering the building.  

There are 3 major banks all within walking distance  

  • Bank of Ireland – 26 Marino Mart  
  • AIB – 140 Lower Drumcondra Road, Dublin 9   
  • Ulster Bank – 157 Phibsborough Road, Phibsborough  


  • Fairview Medical Centre – 37-39 Fairview Strand, Dublin 3. D03 F8C2 – Tel: 01 833 9856.  
  • Marino Medical Centre – 144 Philipsburgh Avenue, Fairview, Dublin 3. D03 R6X6 – Tel: 01 837 4730 
  • The Avenue Family Practice – 59 Collins Avenue East, Killester, Dublin 5. Tel: 01 833 6568 


  • Fairview Dental Clinic – 21 Fairview, Clontarf, Dublin 3Tel: 01 833 8985 
  • The Crescent Clinic – The Crescent, Clontarf, Dublin 3. Tel: 01 853 0744