Stay Safe – Protect Yourself & Others

Observe social distancing and follow HSE guidelines both on and off campus

Refrain from organising, hosting or attending event, parties or other social gatherings on or off campus that may cause health or safety risks to yourself or others.

Refrain from having guests in your apartment.

COVID-19 – What to do if you feel unwell

Residents should follow the appropriate guidelines in accordance with the HSE – as guidelines evolve, visit and follow @HSELive for up-to-date information.

If you are referred for a Covid-19 test, you should self-isolate in your own apartment pending results and follow whatever instructions have been provided by your GP/HSE.

If you are self-isolating

  • Follow the HSE guidelines –, @HSELive, @irishhealthservice
  • Let your housemates know you are self-isolating.
  • All residents in the apartment should self-isolate within the apartment, pending test outcomes.
  • Contact Reception by phone or email to let us know you are self-isolating. Do not leave your apartment.  Let us know if you need any assistance. 
  • If you are having food or groceries delivered, please direct all deliveries to Reception between 8am and 7.30pm, Monday to Friday. We will arrange to leave deliveries outside your apartment door.
  • While you are self-isolating, please keep in touch daily to let us know how you are doing or if you need any assistance. email
  • While self-isolating, please do not come to the office, use the laundry or visit other apartments.

Please protect yourself and others.